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Proceeding for the interview

1. The process begins with reaching out to the survivors who are interested in recording their anecdotes. The interviewee can be contacted via e-mail, phone call or an in-person meeting to schedule the interview.


2. The interviewer plans to meet the survivors, usually at their homes. The interview will be an incredibly fulfilling experience for both the participants. The interviewer learns a tremendous amount to improve their understanding of South Asian culture and society. Interviewees experience a deep sense of gratification at having the opportunity to share and immortalize their story.


3. Before the interview, the interviewer informs the participants about video documentation and seeks required permission to release snippets from the interview at different social media platforms. After the interview, the volunteer will take permission again to reaffirm the degree to which the interviewee wants to participate. Comfort of the Migrants is of utmost importance and will be prioritized.


4. After taking permission, the oral-history interview is archived through hard-disks and cloud storage. Snippets from the interview are released on social media and the website. The stories shall be made available for educational purposes on demand.


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