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  • Shereen Naman

Remembering Kashmir through Memoirs and Souvenirs

Historians typically privilege documents over other non-verbal sources of information to retrieve information and knowledge about the past. The Valley of Kashmir has been represented selectively in popular literature and cinema. However, Kashmiris have preserved their stories and culture through memoirs and material culture. Shereen Naman shares some souvenirs preserved by her family to remember their past and cultural heritage.

This old Kashmiri postcard has been discovered by Ram Chand Ram Saran Khanna . The card depicts an old Kashmiri lady wearing an Awadhi Anarkali of the modern times, paired with Kashmiri jewellry and a heavy Gotta dupatta.

This is an antique Kashmiri postcard which depicts a beautiful Kashmiri young girl, spinning cotton called ‘Yander katun’. The picture is taken in 1900s and describes how beautifully she has chosen a bhot ; meaning the banks of river or a lake to enjoy her daily chores.

According to sources, this picture was taken between 1890 and 1900. It is fascinating to see the pet culture in ancient times. Such postcards were sent to foreigners who came to Kashmir as tourists.

This postcard of a 'shikar party' (going for a hunt) was clicked in 1903 and captures how khojas or elites used to cross waters on horses for hunting.

This picture of Shalimar Garden, built by emperor Jahangir, depicts the beauty and architecture of the garden is a bliss in solitude today as well.

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Jun 25, 2021

beautiful piece of writing and unique collection of pictures..


Unknown member
Jun 23, 2021

Very educative write up! Rare collection of beautiful pictures 💞💞


Unknown member
Jun 22, 2021

Beautifully put together and makes us go down the memory lane of what life was at that time ! Thanks for such curating this lovely piece.


Jun 22, 2021

Fantastic writing and a great piece of information

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