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Give A Voice To Your Story!

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Kashmir Untold aims to document eye-witness accounts of the migration of different communities from the united province of Jammu and Kashmir between 1931 and 1990. The oral histories will focus on understanding the way violence and forced migration has shaped the lives of Kashmiris and their families. From changing their homes to attempting to preserve their culture, the movement altered the identity of communities as well as the others who weren't necessarily residents of the princely state or Kashmiri-speaking.

Our attempt is to not only record the unheard stories of the past but to also understand how communities from Jammu and Kashmir protected their rich and diverse cultural heritage. At Kashmir Untold, we will re-discover Kashmir, from the eyes of the locals and through their ignored and suppressed voices. In order to record these experiences, we turn to objects, that have silently stored these stories for decades. Years later, through guided intervention, the stories unfold layer by layer, revealing the past - uncovering the stories of a lost time. Through these interviews, we realise that the narrators are holding old and faded objects but are living a crystal clear memory. Gradually, by revealing and re-living these stories momentarily, we will unravel a part of history that was previously unheard of and unknown

Join us to record the ignored life histories of different communities to bring multiple episodes of mass dispersion and ethnic cleansing into the public consciousness.

Photo Credits: Rajeshwari Singh

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