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Heritage Walk at Crafts Museum, New Delhi


A glimpse of the heritage walk recently conducted in partnership with Sahapedia and India Heritage Walks at the National Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum, New Delhi. The guided tour, was meant to familiarize the participants with different art and textile traditions of India.


We began by visiting the The Folk and Tribal art Gallery. The gallery gave a glimpse of diverse culture and folklore of the country. Having a look at Madhubani paintings, gond art, temple scriptures and phad scrolls among other art was an enriching experience. The gallery hosts some invaluable pieces of neglected and unheard art forms. The Museum also houses a variety of hand-loom sarees and fabrics including Ikat, Gharchola, Kutch Work, Kantha etc. We appreciated some gems of textile work exhibited the Textile Galley of the Museum.


The walk was a thrilling escapade into the world of art and artefacts, a refreshing break from the toil of urban living!

Bonus Tip: Look for Mr. Shahjahan who will help to explore the textile gallery better and explain the nitty-gritties of  weaving. 

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