About Us

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 Between 1930 and 1990, the land of Jammu and Kashmir witnessed multiple episodes of violence, ethnic cleansing and forced migration. However, these experiences still remain unheard.

With a mission to record these untold stories, we began the journey of Kashmir Untold, a non-political digital repository of oral history and material culture of different communities from the state of Jammu and Kashmir. We attempt to re-present Kashmir by excavating memories buried within heirlooms, collectibles, mundane everyday artefacts and objects of antiquity.


This on-going project will reflect on how the Kashmir conflict has affected lives of people who are from Kashmir as well as those who are not necessarily Kashmiri-speaking, nor residents of the Valley of Kashmir. The archive will highlight not just the stories, but also the tradition, culture, customs, conventions, habits, language, society, geography and history of the state.


The project is an independent initiative of Prateeksha Pathak, a research scholar from Cardiff University, currently working on material culture and heritage of Kashmir.

The seed funding for this project is being provided by the founder and Cardiff University. The team at Kashmir Untold, however, would be immensely grateful for any form of donation, collaboration, participation, or volunteering to make the project a success.